What is Kite?

Kite is an artificial pair programmer. While you're coding, it shows you examples and documentation for the libraries and terminal commands you use. Kite even detects simple errors and offers to fix them for you.

Is Kite a new IDE or editor?

Nope! Kite is a desktop application that runs alongside your existing editor and terminal, and integrates with them.

What editors does Kite support?

Right now, Kite supports Sublime Text, emacs, vim, PyCharm, and Atom. Our plugins are open-source and available on Github in the kiteco/plugins project.

What languages does Kite support?

Kite only supports Python for now, but we're just as excited as you are for Kite to support more languages.

What platforms does Kite run on?

For now, Kite only works on OS X, but we'll support Linux and Windows soon, too.

After installing Kite, will I be able to write code when I'm not connected to the internet?

Yes. Kite is a separate application from your editor and development tools. When you're not connected to the internet, Kite will stop showing results, but this will not affect your existing setup.

Will Kite mess with my existing development environment (Bash configuration, environment variables, PYTHONPATH, etc)?

No. Kite doesn't modify your Python or Bash environment, it only interacts via your editor and terminal.

What happens to my code while using Kite?

As you type, we send your code to our servers as a query. Our backend analyzes your code and generates a response by querying it against terabytes of data, i.e., all the source code publicly available on the Web. This index is simply too large to ship with each client.

That sounds scary.

We understand why you're concerned. That's why we've written up a whole page about privacy..

Will my code stay private?

We never share your code with anyone.

If we ever introduce new features that involve sharing code, we'll explicitly ask you first. But we'll never do something ridiculous like silently start showing all of your code to the world.

Does Kite offer an on-premise option?

Kite does not have an on-premise offering at the moment. If you are interested in an on-premise or AWS co-managed installation of Kite servers, please email onprem@kite.com.

How can I learn more about the privacy and security of Kite?

We're glad you asked. We have an entire page for privacy.