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Autocomplete for JupyterLab

Kite is the AI assistant giving developers superpowers.

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How Kite Works


Kite supports most popular editors and is installed through our desktop app


The main responsibility of the plugin is to send and receive data as you interact with the editor

Kite Engine

Fully local perform services such as code indexing, code analysis, and running machine learning models

“I really love the line-of-code completions in the new”
Guido van Rossum - Python's creator.

Line-of-Code Completions

Get completions for up to a full line of code, including entire function calls ranked by relevance. Learn more.

Productivity Increase

Code faster and stay in flow. Kite’s AI helps you cut keystrokes, by as much as 47% in this example.

One-click Documentation

Get docs quicker with just a click. Kite shows them to you in-line, covering 800+ Python libraries with code examples. Learn more.

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Better access to over 100,000 Python docs

Check out the Kite Copilot app

  • Kite gives you more docs at the click of a keyboard
    shortcut while you’re coding

More detail across more docs

  • Get the top attributes for types
  • See function signatures and example call patterns
  • Find all the top members for modules

How Others Used This

  • Browse hints based on how other professionals have
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Kite runs locally

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