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& Data Structures

Backend Systems


  • Build production services in a distributed setting with offline and online components
  • Work with rich data sets, even when they are noisy and are evolving
  • Constantly make design trade-offs
  • Adapt quickly as functionality expands and business goals refocus


  • Two+ years of experience working in a systems engineering role
  • Ability to understand, build, and evolve large systems
  • Familiarity with current tools and best practices for devops, ETL data pipelines, production servers
  • Familiarity with modern computing stacks: networking, storage tiers, OS's, containers, build systems, etc.
  • Able to quickly enumerate design options, understand tradeoffs, and make the right decisions based on experience

Full Stack Web


  • Use web technologies to build first-of-its-kind user experiences, rich data navigation/consumption, and community design
  • Make framework-level design decisions for a Go-based backend
  • Rapidly iterate


  • Multiple years of experience building web-based applications
  • Familiarity with database schema design, TCP/HTTP/websocket networking, HTML/CSS/JS, React.js is a plus
  • Basic skills in UX design, able to describe usability tradeoffs
  • Comfortable moving quickly amongst projects, working with large systems

Algorithms and Data Structures


  • Build wide-ranging algorithms and data structures to make sense of source code across many languages
  • Help us build next-generation type inference and program analysis engines
  • Deal with programs that contain exotic syntactic and semantic errors
  • Surface structure and data from code to drive the features you yourself want in Kite


  • Strong computer science fundamentals
  • Especially high wattage / high output
  • (No background in compilers or languages needed)



  • Write desktop applications that provides refined user experiences despite the challenges of the desktop setting
  • Write and use cross-platform libraries alongside platform specific code
  • Build and maintain systems to support the desktop apps you write, including server-side services for error reporting, etc


  • Familiarity with building desktop software, including topics like error reporting, installers, updaters, permissions
  • Understanding of the history of at least one desktop platform's evolution, frameworks, and API's (Windows, Ubuntu, or OS X)
  • Obsession over getting details right
  • Experience with the edge cases of the desktop setting (odd clock behaviors, monitor configs, ..)

Machine Learning


  • Design and implement statistical models in a novel, underexplored domain
  • Work on a wide variety of modeling problems, including information retrieval, text processing, tree processing, and time-domain analysis
  • Derive, prototype and build production statistical algorithms in Python and Go
  • Design and build evaluation systems to validate the performance of statistical models
  • Build interfaces and systems to gather data
  • Work closely with UX, UI, and backend systems experts
  • Build production pipelines using both distributed (map-reduce) and non-distributed approaches
  • Collaborate with other machine learning experts


  • Master's degree, PhD, or equivalent training in statistics and machine learning
  • Two+ years of experience working in a software engineering role
  • Prefers doing ground-breaking work (versus incremental improvements to the state of the art models)

Experience Needed

  • Statistics including kernel methods, graphical models, and unsupervised learning
  • Applying data mining techniques, machine learning and pattern recognition
  • Tree structured data processing including structured pattern recognition
  • Designing and developing secure cross-platform software, both standalone and networked
  • Data structures for large scale text indexing and retrieval
  • Planning and designing statistical validation software frameworks in a distributed setting
  • Parallel optimization of text mining and machine learning techniques, including SVMs and clustering techniques

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Is Kite right for you?

Every startup jobs page describes why that startup is the best. But to be generically appealing, they have to be generic.

Of course Kite provides competitive compensation, free health insurance, catered meals, and an Aeron chair.

Beyond that, we think it's important to describe what makes Kite unique, so that you can decide whether working at Kite is aligned with your goals.

Deeply technical work

Work at Kite is deeply technical. In contrast to the typical app or website, Kite's work is technically challenging in both depth and breadth.

We love doing deeply technical work for a few reasons:

  • It's our craft and our love. Everyone at Kite has trained hard to become a skilled engineer. We aren’t ready to stop or slow down, and we know that challenging work is the best way to advance our skills.
  • Working with the best. Building Kite is technically challenging, so we have to invest in building a high calibre team. As a member of the Kite team, you'll be working with other world-class engineers. (See our team roster here)
  • Playing to our strengths. We're good at technology, so we chose to work in a space where there are few others who can do what we do.


It's hard to concretely describe Kite's approach to our work schedule. The summary, though, is that we're not on either extreme: we are not a 9-5 startup, and we are not burning out.

More specifically, we work long hours on weekdays, never work weekends, take a three-day weekend every month, and take a mandatory of five whole-weeks off every year.

Maintaining this balance is an ongoing process, but generally we are driven when it comes to our work. Kite is a good fit for people who want to put more in, and get more out, compared to a 9-5 schedule.

Building for ourselves

We love programming, and it’s always great to work on something you love.


Kite doesn't fit the mold of "It's X, but for Y", or "Yet another startup doing Z". Internet-connected programming is a game-changing idea. Everyone is excited for this to happen, and Kite is the only company working on it.

Does this fit what you're looking for?

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