About Kite

We're a startup based in San Francisco
changing the way people develop products.

Who we are

We’re a team of engineers combining our different backgrounds, knowledge, and passion to bring next-generation tools to developers around the world.

We don’t put barriers to our ideas and we love working as a team to find the best solution and make our users happy and more productive.

Join us on our quest and help us change code forever.

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Meet the Team

Hrysoula Papadakis

Hrysoula completed her undergrad and masters degrees at Stanford where she focused on CS theory and biocomputation. She has since worked at startups related to search and healthcare. In her spare time, you can find her reading or eating brunch.

Alex Flint

During his PhD in computer vision at Oxford, Alex also worked at Google and MIT. From 2012 through 2014, Alex worked at an early stage indoor navigation startup called Flyby Media based in NYC. Alex is interested in ethics, effective altruism, and the future of AI.

Jay Patel

Jay did research at MIT in high school, studied CS at Stanford, continued at Stanford for a masters, but took leave to learn faster at Kite. He got a Best Paper Award from ACM, did ML research on Knowledge Graph at Google and enjoys breakdance.

Daniel Hung

Daniel graduated from MIT before joining Deutsche Bank, where he worked on a commodity futures trading desk. Prior to Kite, he was a tech lead at Homejoy, driving customer acquisition and retention. Daniel is an avid sports fan and enjoys music and snowboarding.

Antonio Bustamante

Antonio is a designer and programmer at Kite. While studying CS in Spain and Sweden, he started a creative agency, working on UX for healthcare. He most recently worked at a top industrial design firm, designing products for companies like Jawbone and Samsung.

Juan Lozano

Juan studied CS and theoretical physics at Stanford before starting Blusofa and joining as the first engineer at InsideMaps, where he worked on computer vision algorithms, optimization, and object recognition. In his spare time Juan enjoys basketball, tennis, music, and mathematics of all sorts.

Keien Ohta

Keien graduated from Berkeley after doing HCI research at the Berkeley Institute of Design. In his spare time Keien beta tests new video games.

Ianto Xi

Ianto studied Molecular and Cell Biology, and Computer Science at Berkeley. Prior to Kite, he did bioinformatics research at CHORI and UCSF. In his spare time, you can find Ianto rock climbing or volunteering at a free clinic.

Ashton Braun

Ashton works on the business side of Kite, focusing most of his attention on building the team and business operations. Prior to Kite, he was a part of the early business development team at AnyPerk, and even (once upon a time) worked for the United States Senate.

Tarak Upadhyaya

Tarak interned at Dropbox when it was 3 people, including him. After MIT, Tarak spent 5 years with a small team building a full web search engine from scratch in C++ (acquired by Twitter). At Counsyl, he helped scale a robotic DNA sequencing lab. When he's not coding, he's on a motorcycle or at the gym.

Adam Smith

Adam started selling shareware online at 13. After studying CS at MIT, Adam founded Xobni (Y Combinator '06), which was acquired by Yahoo seven years later. Adam founded Kite, and is a long-time Burner.

Noah Tye

Prior to Kite, Noah was a tech lead on Twitter's Growth team, where he spent three years learning how users behave. Noah previously earned half a degree from Olin College, where he did research on indoor location services and played in the Conductorless Orchestra.


Our investors include SV Angel, founders from Dropbox, Paypal, Palantir, Quora, and WordPress, amongst other amazing investors.